Thursday, May 24, 2012

Giancarlo Mangone guest critic for design studio in the Umea School of Architecture in Sweden

Symbiosis principal Giancarlo Mangone will be a guest critic for design studio reviews in the  Umea School of Architecture in Sweden. The school curricula is focused on integrating sustainability, research, and aesthetics, in an experimental, and innovative manner. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can Investing in and designing for Nature Stimulate the Economy?

Symbiosis Research Question of the Week : Can Investing in and designing for Nature Stimulate the Economy?

Over the years, Symbiosis has taken on various research initiatives to identify methods to improve local economies through the construction of natural environments. The primary design driver in this research has been : Can architecture be non - anthropogenic (not designed primarily for human occupation and direct use) and still improve local economies, ecosystems, and communities?

The Guardian reported an inspiring example, that although not currently engaging the field of architecture, has developed methods to stimulate local economies while improving local ecosystem biodiversity and ecological integrity. By constructing a 'forest wall' across the border of the ever-expanding Sahara desert in Africa, local ecosystem biodiversity and integrity is improved, while providing agricultural resources for local communities, reduce the local desertification process, 20 years in the making, this project now has global financial support, and is set for construction.

So the question is, how can architecture engage this concept?