Thursday, June 16, 2016

What are the maximum economic, social, and ecological benefits that can be achieved by integrating nature into cities? Symbiosis Principal Giancarlo Mangone presents the potential benefits of existing and innovative urban natural environment integration strategies at the EAEE 2016 conference in Lisbon

Existing urban natural integration strategies tend to be ineffective at generating economic, ecological, and social benefits to local communities, compared to the potential benefits that natural environments can provide. Symbiosis Principal Giancarlo Mangone presents an investigation of the potential benefits of different types of existing urban natural environment integration strategies, such as landscapes and building integrated natural environments, as well as the potential benefits of a more innovative, integrated urban natural environment type that can have substantially greater ecological value. Learn more at his presentation on June 16th at the EAEE/ARCC 2016 conference in Lisbon, Portugal