Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Symbiosis Principal Giancarlo Mangone's PhD Research published as cover story in Dutch National Mechanical Engineering Magazine - TVVL

Symbiosis Principal Giancarlo Mangone was invited to write an industry article on his PhD research for the Dutch National Mechanical Engineering Organization TVVL's magazine. The article was featured as the cover story of the June 2013 edition of the magazine. The research project is focused on how the design of buildings can improve the performance of building environments, with particular focus on how to design building projects to minimize building energy use and construction and operating costs, as well as improve the space efficiency of the building, occupant creativity and comfort, and the ecological integrity of the local ecosystem. 
High performing solutions to these problems are developed and evaluated in this research project through the design of microforests within existing buildings and new construction projects. By integrating natural environments and processes into buildings and building infrastructure systems, previously unachievable performance benefits are achieved. To find out more, read the article here