Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Symbiosis principal Giancarlo Mangone to present high performance building design and performance evaluation system at World Green Roof Congress 2012 in Copenhagen

 Symbiosis principal Giancarlo Mangone will present the company's developing high performance building design and performance evaluation system at the World Green Roof Congress 2012 in Copenhagen, on September 20, 2012.
This innovative design support system will be explained through a presentation of a case study Symbiosis generated for a developer in Amsterdam. Using a renovation for a typical existing, mid-size Dutch commercial office building, the performance and applicability of this design support system was evaluated.

Design solutions that improved the performance of the project in a myriad of performance parameters were developed, including economic performance, worker performance, and ecological performance. A standardized performance chart, along with more detailed text guidelines, was developed for each design solution. These tools offer a method to compare the performance of the design solutions, which provides design teams with the opportunity to effectively and efficiently determine which design solutions and strategies are most suitable for their project. Thus, design teams, developers, and building owners can utilize this toolkit to make informed design decisions that result in higher performing buildings, improved employee performance and comfort, and improved local biodiversity and ecoligical integrity

In the Netherlands, 14% of existing office buildings are vacant. 60% of these buildings remain vacant for more than three years, thereby becoming out-dated and unable to provide adequate work environments for prospective tenants.
By renovating existing office buildings with the shared goal of improving local biodiversity, building performance and costs, company revenues, and worker performance and comfort, the performance of each of these project parameters can be improved, while providing more appealing and accommodating office spaces.
Attend the conference in September to learn more about how to reduce building costs, increase company revenue, improve worker performance and comfort, and improve the local ecosystem through architecture.