Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Symbiosis Principal Giancarlo Mangone proposes a more effective sustainable building design method and offers an innovative, highly effective sustainable building design solution in his recent journal paper, Constructing hybrid infrastructure

Building developments can be significantly more sustainable than those that are currently being developed. Moreover, building developments can play a significant role in developing sustainable communities, as well as resolving the negative global ecological impacts that human communities have on natural ecosystems that are endangering the ability of human communities to survive and thrive in the coming century. However, more innovative and rigorous design solutions are needed to achieve these goals.

Symbiosis Principal Giancarlo Mangone proposes a more ambitious and effective method for design teams to evaluate the ecological performance (sustainableness) of buildings, in his recently published double blind peer reviewed journal paper, Constructing hybrid infrastructure: Exploring the potential ecological, social, and economic benefits of integrating municipal infrastructure into constructed environments. His research indicates that incorporating municipal infrastructure systems into buildings and landscapes, as hybrid infrastructure, can be particularly effective ecologically, while providing a number of unique social and economic benefits as well.

Read more within the currently freely accessible journal publication (until July 8, 2016), via this weblink : http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1T3lqy5jORXbc

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